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Attic Insulation in Williamstown NJ, 08094

At Brittin Built we provide attic insulation in Williamstown NJ, 08094, as well as attic and air sealing, and energy solutions and assessments. We can help reduce your heating and cooling bills while making your Williamstown home more energy efficient with a more comfortable temperature all year round.

Attic Insulation For Your Williamstown NJ Home

How Do I Know If My Williamstown NJ Attic Needs Insulation?

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If in your attic you can see the wood frame members across the attic floor, then most likely your attic needs insulation. A well-insulated attic will have code R-value levels of R-49. An attic floor frame member can be up to 9 inches tall, but to get to an R-49, using more affordable and natural products with low chemical content, will require from 14 to 18 inches of insulation.

If in the crawl space of your Williamstown NJ home you can see the floor beam sides, then not only do you not have enough insulation, but the insulation you do have is probably falling down or sagging. Those sags in the insulation allow the air to go right around it, making the insulation useless. Filling the cavity full and using insulation netting offers a continuous support with no possibility of sagging or falling down.

Attic Insulation Solutions in Williamstown NJ, 08094

At Brittin Built, we provide attic insulation for Williamstown NJ homes, including custom attic insulation solutions that are tailored to your specific home's design and needs, which is the best option when your attic needs more or better insulation. We also perform free energy evaluations of your Williamstown home to help solve comfort problems and high utility bills. We offer diagnostic testing and are a preferred contractor for rebate and 0% financing on home energy improvements.

No matter what type of attic insulation you choose for your Williamstown NJ home, the thicker the insulation, the more it will help your heating and air conditioning system keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When we apply attic insulation, we can reserve areas for storage and walkways, and even install damming to prevent unwanted insulation debris from settling in areas that may need to be accessed, such as an HVAC unit.

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Attic Sealing in Williamstown NJ, 08094

The holes made in your walls and ceiling for wiring, pipes, cable lines, speaker wire, ductwork, etc. create pathways for winter attic air to travel inside your bathroom walls, making the bathroom walls cold. Warm moist air from the shower travels as steam hits the cold wall and condenses, causing water drips to run down the walls, which can cause the walls to become discolored or even make the paint flake off and cause mildew or mold to grow. The cold air infiltrating through the holes will follow the wires to the outlets and switches, and the pipes to sinks and bathtubs, where noticeable drafts and cold surfaces are felt. The air that you are paying for to be heated is also escaping through those same openings, which will cause your furnace to run longer and not last as long.

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Benefits of Getting Your Home's Attic Sealed

We provide air sealing for the attic of your Williamstown NJ home. There are several benefits to having your attic air sealed.

Increased Life and Efficiency of your HVAC System

Attic sealing for your Williamstown NJ home can increase the life and efficiency of your HVAC equipment since it won't run as long or often. In addition, an attic that leaks and and/or has poor insulation can attract animals and insects.

Decreased Allergens

Sealing the attic in your Williamstown NJ home can help reduce allergies. Outdoor plants release pollen that makes its way through your attic vents. If your attic floor has openings that allow attic air to drop into the living area of your Williamstown home, this can make allergies worse.

Better Temperature Balance

The attic of your Williamstown NJ home can get 50% hotter than the outside in the summer. If you have drafts in your attic or other areas of your home, this can make the second floor a different temperature than the first floor, or make for a warmer bedroom. Air sealing for your Williamstown home can help minimize temperature differences in your attic and second floor, and reduce high humidity, which both lead to better efficiency and longer life of your air conditioning system.

Improved Fire Safety

The same holes drilled in the walls of your Williamstown NJ home that can create temperature differences in your home can also make fires burn faster and farther, because fire needs to draw air to burn. When we air seal the attic floor of your Williamstown home, we use fire rated foam and materials in areas we can access, to cover large openings and ensure that the home meets today's fire code safety standards.

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Energy Assessment Services in Williamstown NJ, 08094

Energy Programs

Following are utility links that endorse the programs through which we perform our insulation and energy solutions work in Williamstown NJ, 08094. These programs offer energy incentives, such as a 50% rebate up to $5,000 and 0% financing for 10 years up to $15,000.

New Jersey Natural Gas SAVEGREEN Project PSE&G Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program Atlantic City Electric Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program Jersey Central Power & Light Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program Williamstown NJ Gas Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program

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