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Ventilation and Crawl Space Venting in South Jersey

At Brittin Built we specialize in South Jersey attic insulation, attic and air sealing, and energy solutions and assessments. We can help reduce your heating and cooling bills while making your South Jersey home more energy efficient with a more comfortable temperature all year round.

When we air seal the attic of your South Jersey home, we are decreasing the amount of air that transfers between your attic and the living areas of your home. But when we install ventilation in your South Jersey home, we are trying to increase the air that transfers between the outside of your house and your attic. This helps to regulate humidity and temperature in your attic and the rest of your home.

Ventilation for your South Jersey home can help reduce moisture, mold and mildew. The greatest amount of moisture in your home is created in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Excessive moisture leads to mold and mildew. With air sealing of your South Jersey home, our goal is to get this moisture out of the house entirely. Many times, a home's kitchen exhaust fan or bathroom fans will take the moisture from the room and then dump it into the attic. Some South Jersey contractors will try to duct the moisture exhaust into the soffit where the wind is blowing the air into the attic. This can cause the attic to become overwhelmed with moisture, so that mold forms in the attic and causes the roof plywood and supports to rot out. When the exhausts are properly ducted to attach to fixed vents with dampers, this will ensure the moisture leaves and stays out.

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Crawl Space Venting in South Jersey

Crawl spaces have in years past always been vented. Should you get moisture in the crawl space of your South Jersey home, the moisture will evaporate over time and hopefully escape through the foundation vents. But if your crawl space does not have enough ventilation, that moisture can build up and lead to mold and mildew.

If your crawl space is dry, even during rain storms, we may consider a different approach, and venting may not be needed. Think of your crawl space as a mini basement. Basements go deeper into the ground without vents. If we insulate at the walls instead of the crawl space, then we use less insulation, do not have to insulate the ductwork or hot water pipes, and the radiant heat from the duct work raises the air temperature of the crawl space so the floor is not cold and no cold air drafts from the crawl space. Typically, this approach is cleaner, more beneficial in energy savings, and more comfortable.

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